Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Lost Book of Moses

Author: Chanan Tigay
Stars: 1
Review by: Mandy Apgar

There are books that are painful. That leave open, stabbing wounds of dullness. This was one of them. It managed to pass my ultimate "really crappy biography" test of that the central person of interest died. The silly book was so unfocused I didn't even realize it until I saw a date and recalled from prior research the man was dead. But more or less - in 1883 Moses Shapira shows up in London with ancient scrolls he says predate most Biblical material. A then leading expert said Shapira was a fraud and six months later the latter kills himself in disgrace. Point of the book was to illuminate Shapira's legacy and if his scrolls were indeed legitimate or not. But the author seemed a bit too full of himself sometimes - self referential, would go on for pages about side topics, and for those with knowledge of the case he said very little if nothing (at least for me) new.

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