Friday, March 8, 2013

Just Jennifer

No Way Back by Andrew Gross (William Morrow, April 2013)

This latest from sometimes James Patterson co-author puts two disparate women on a collision course after each has been in the wrong place at the wrong time; when their paths collide, they form an unusual alliance as they each try to reclaim and rebuild their lives which are now seemingly manipulated by others.  Suburban wife Wendy is an ex-cop who is in Manhattan to attend to self-publishing conference; when a friend stands her up at the bar, Wendy does what, until that very moment, is the unthinkable, accompanies a man she just met back to his room.  Coming to her senses before things get too much out of hand, Wendy is in the bathroom putting herself back together for her trip home when someone walks into the room and shoots the man she was with.  Wendy’s cop instincts kick in and she shoots and kills the assassin only to learn he was with Homeland Security.  Not sure what she has stumbled on, Wendy flees to her home, bringing more trouble with her.  Now her husband is dead and she’s on the lam, looking for some one to believe and help her.  Lauritzia, the nanny of an attorney’s two children finds herself at the scene of a bombing that she realizes has connections to her family in Mexico. Wendy and Lauritzia join forces trying to learn who is behind these deadly acts and who is at the root of these murders.  The only clue they have are the words uttered before the first execution “This is for Gillian.”  Fast paced with twists and turns you will never see coming No Way Back will take your breath away and doesn’t let you catch it until the last page.