Saturday, November 19, 2016

Just Jennifer

Plaid and Plagiarism by Molly MacRae

Janet Marsh, her daughter and two friends have all moved to Inversgail, Scotland to run a bookstore/tearoom/bed and breakfast; upon arrival in Inversgail, Janet learns she cannot move into the house she and her ex-husband owned and have been renting out because someone has turned it into a garbage dump.  Janet blames local newspaper columnist Una Graham (fondly known as Ug) but when she and her friends try to catch Una in the act they instead find her body in Janet’s shed.  Now in addition to learning to run Yon Bonnie Books, setting up the tearoom and readying the B&B, Janet has a murder to look into; a stack of unpleasant blackmail letters found in the back of the story opens up new possibilities for suspects, including Janet’s ex-husband.  To add to Janet’s already too long to-do list, she has been tapped by the local librarian to be the judge of the writing contest for Inversgail’s upcoming literature festival, along with a reclusive author who is also Janet’s next door neighbor and who may just be on the suspect list.  This first book in a new series introduces readers to a delightfully quirky cast of characters in a charming setting that they will look forward to returning to time and time again.