Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Deadly Mantis

Author: Ian Thorne
Stars: 5
Review by: Mandy Apgar

There sure were a lot of irradiated critters smashing the world about back in the day. Thanks to my husband's thoughtfulness on our anniversary, Amazon, and the fine folks of the Cleveland Public Library I now have a copy of a book I used to zealously hoard as a kid. And it feels really good. When the titular mantis (who is actually quite adorable) is awoken from the Arctic by pseudo scientific means - hey, it was the 50s, give anyone a lab coat and they're immediately a scientist in these movies - he goes on another equally adorable and predicable rampage through various models. Baltimore, Newark, and other cities lie in ruin! All the while the mantis' tale is being captured by plucky gal photographer Marge Blaine and Lt Col Joe Parkman: irritating everyman and Marge's snap in an instant love interest in the end. The mantis is finally trapped in a New York tunnel and is subjected to a barrage of deadly gas and Matchbox cars. Poor guy finally gives up and poor Marge finds herself in Joe's arms. The end.

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