Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Queen Elizabeth II: A Celebration of Her Majesty's Birthday

Author: Tim Ewart
Stars: 4
Review by: Mandy Apgar

This I liked. It was a souvenir sort of book - so there were plenty of photographs and the text was uncomplicated and didn't get political / blame sides, etc. as bios of her ilk can get - but it did mention a few up her downs as well as the ups. Things were more evenly covered and her entire family was given a pretty wide amount of credit for helping her, including Prince Philip, who many whom have lived in the UK (myself included) think deserve a lot more than the "Prince Consort" short shift he often gets, and the recent uptake in duties of her grandchildren Harry and William as well. A nice, fairly even overall compendium. Doesn't get too gritty - but who really publishes stories about labor riots and the like in a book meant to be a little fawning - but still serves as a good starting point.

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