Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Hidden World of the Fox

Do you love keeping a look out for these sly creatures that are becoming more and more common?  Take a look at this beautifully written book for more on them.  Click here: http://ipac.hclibrary.us/polaris/default.aspx to reserve your copy!

The Hidden World of the Fox by Adele Brand
Mammal ecologist Adele Brand is fascinated with the red fox, an animal that can be found in cities, the suburbs, as well as rural settings, in the Northern hemisphere on several continents.  Foxes often seem to be on the edge of interaction with other animals and with humans, watching and aware of their surroundings.  Though Brand’s tribute is very well researched and documented, citing scholarly sources, she also explores the folklore associated with foxes, making this a very accessible for the casual fox observer.  As the human population encroaches more and more on wildlife’s natural habit, the interaction between humans and animals becomes inevitable, giving humans a chance to observe these aloof, mysterious creatures.  Brand’s prose is lyrical as she describes these oft misunderstood creatures, making this a must read for any wildlife enthusiast, especially those enchanted by the every increasingly reappearing red fox.

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