Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Just Jennifer

How Far She’s Come by Holly Brown
Twenty-four Cheyenne Florian couldn’t be more surprised when she is recruited to be a new personality on the new INN, Independent News network “Because independent thinking is the only way out”.  Billionaire Edwin Gordon, founder and owner of the station, flies to California where he interviews Cheyenne on his private plane after watching her vlogs which show her to be an opinionated young woman of convictions.  Cheyenne thinks INN is a completely different type of network, but when she arrives in New York, she finds the same old things: women who are jealous and suspicious, men who are happy to leer at her, and show hosts afraid she’ll displace them.  An anonymous delivery of a diary from 1991, written by a Elyse Rohrbach, a female newscaster, becomes a cautionary tale for Cheyenne, and as she reads, Cheyenne realizes the events in the diary creepily mirror what is happening to Cheyenne in present day, without her necessarily realizing it.  The plot, inspired by the #metoo movement is sometimes too subtle, and often times too obvious; Cheyenne is a strong young woman with a lot of inner character and nerves of steel making the plot plausible and a little too real.

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