Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Just Jennifer

The Missing by CL Taylor

Fifteen-year-old Billy Wilkinson has been missing for six months, disappearing in the middle of one August night.  His mother Claire has come apart, blaming herself, and having dissociative episodes that make her wonder if deep down she doesn’t know more than her conscience being knows.  After another appeal for information about Billy, Claire tries to return to work and a semblance of normal life, but she quickly realizes her husband Mark has been keeping secrets, as has her nineteen-year-old son Jake and his girlfriend Kira, who has been living with the family recently.  But what about Billy? What secrets did he keep from his family and what, if anything, do those secrets have to do with his disappearance?  This twisty turny plot is full of unreliable characters, including and most of all, the one who is missing.  As Billy’s story starts to unfold, it becomes clear that he may hold the key to his own disappearance.

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