Thursday, September 8, 2016

John Adams

Author: David McCullough
Stars: 4
Review by: Mandy Apgar

There are so many people in this to keep track of and thusly that is why it is rated a four. Elsewise it is a perfect biography of our nation's oft ignored second president - a man who held many roles as a founding father. Born into kind of lower middle class, he becomes a lawyer but is often seen as a hardscrabble sort due to his bulldog hold on his opinions and a lack of funds to make his way into upper society. He of course marries, the formidable "dearest friend" Abigail. (Who is also an oft ignored person and the book goes into quite a bit of detail of her life.) When the revolution interrupts their family's existence he makes a name for himself as a man able to accomplish often punishing tasks - such as the time earlier when he endangered his practice to represent the soldiers tried for the Boston Massacre (and got them off free). Although he wanted to be remembered as a simple farmer, his retirement after politics was anything but simple as the family farm became swarming with associated grandchildren and a daughter in law - the result of his daughter Nabby (Abigail) Adams Smith's regrettable marriage to a yutz and her early death from breast cancer, and the widow and family of his youngest n'er do well son. Dying on July 4th, he passed almost at the same time as his friend Thomas Jefferson (a man who turned on Adams politically years earlier) having outlived his beloved Abigail by some years.

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