Thursday, September 8, 2016

Big Dead Place

Author: Nicholas Johnson
Stars: 2
Review by: Mandy Apgar

Two things that really annoy me are - irresponsibility and callousness. Sadly those are two personality traits common amongst persons apparently found running the Antarctic base station as well as managing it. The managers don't surprise me - although to find that the national science foundation takes away a shower curtain in a ladies room because of an unlisted but apparently very important reason is a bit off. What really ticks me off is all the work that I know I've put into the sciences, and that friends have, and we will never be as fortunate as some of the drunken schlubs that are able to hop from shooting puppies (and finding it funny) to skipping down there. One lady was hired because she drew penguins on her resume. Seriously. The author is one of the grunts, a day to day worker at the base, and he has his head on fairly straight, but some of these other people you just want to punch and it really takes away from the book.

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