Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Invisibles

Author: Jesse Holland
Stars: 2
Review by: Mandy Apgar

An alright but not too distinguishing account of the lives of enslaved persons in the White House. Two presidents - John and John Quincy Adams, refused to keep slaves and were often derided for it. Tales of the others and the lives of some of the notables involved after each select presidency is over is what is included, but the book falls into the usual historical trap of saying or doing nothing new and being dull while doing it. Washington being kinda wishy ashy personally on slavery? Check. Jefferson - Lord, what a study in itself there (oddly enough, although he acknowledges the DNA evidence in regards to the latter and Sally Hemmings having children he still refers to it as "alleged"), Jackson, Madison (who doesn't sound like a beauty in this), etc. on up to the Civil War.

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