Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hide Away

Author: Iris Johansen
Stars: 5
Review by: Brenda M

This is a continuation of the Eve Duncan series.  Eve is protecting a young girl (Cara) who is a pawn in a Mexican cartel power struggle.  Eve ID'ed her older deceased sister (Jenny) in a previous book. Eve flees with Cara to Scotland and joins with her adopted daughter, Jane,  in an expedition to recover a treasure.  While Eve is in Scotland, Joe Quinn is trying to find and eliminate the threat to Eve and Cara stateside.  Joe finally joins Eve in Scotland in order to protect her.  Cara is abducted by her mother (one of the bad guys) at the end of the book.  The one thing that annoyed me is that this is a cliffhanger.  However, I do like how Johansen weaves in things from previous books into the story line to give it a continuity.

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