Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Almost Interesting: the memoir

Author: David Spade
Stars: 3
Review by: Shapoppa

I like David Spade's comedy, but this book didn't quite hit the mark. His life is interesting, but I was surprised that he left out big chunks of his career, notably, the sitcoms he did. Also, there was very little (I'm talking scant) discussion about his movie, Joe Dirt. He did a classy job paying homage to Chris Farley without going into minute detail about the circumstances surrounding Farley's death, or Spade's grieving process that followed, because he shouldn't have to. It's a private matter. He spoke about his mother in the beginning of the book, but never followed up on her reaction to his success. In the final chapter he gets away from the narrative, suddenly turning into an advice columnist about the dating scene. I got the feeling he was rushing to the finish line or just didn't know how to end his book. There is still enough content that makes it an interesting read, but the juvenile parts, namely the way he treats women as mere objects, makes you understand why he's still single at age 52.

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