Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Just Jennifer

After The Crash by Michel Bussi

Eighteen years ago, a plane from Istanbul to Paris crashes into the Swiss Alps, with one known survivor: a three-month-old girl, thrown far enough from the plane to escape the fiery inferno.  But two infants were on board: the granddaughter of a wealthy family and the granddaughter of a more modest family.   A judge must decide if the baby is Lyse-Rose or Emilie and the baby will be known for the next eighteen years as Lylie.  Hired by the wealthy family to find the true identity of the baby, a private detective unable to find the truth sits as his desk, ready to commit suicide until he spots something in the yellowed newspaper that he missed for all these years, the deceptively simple solution to the secret, a secret that someone is still willing to kill to keep.  Told from the detective’s point of view and Lylie’s, a portrait of two-decades old mystery starts to emerge with more twists and turns that the trails in the Swiss Alps where this all began.  Deception and treachery, fierce love and egos all collide in this first gripping psychological thriller by a French author to be published in English. 

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