Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Just Jennifer

Confucius Jane by Katie Lynch

After the death of her graduate school mentor, the only poetry Jane Morrow finds herself able to write is fortunes for her aunt and uncle’s New York Chinatown fortune cookie company.  From her office window, Jane has a clear view of a noodle shop where she spies a young woman on whom she quickly develops a crush.  Sutton St. James is a doctor, studying to finish her course work and internship before applying for residencies, additional pressure added by her father, a former surgeon general who would prefer Sutton choose a prestigious hospital instead of the overseas stem cells research intern Sutton is hoping for.  In typical fashion, added by Jane’s charming, precocious pre-teen cousin, Jane and Sutton meet, fall in love, navigating their two lives and respective family issues.  When Sutton’s family problems make the evening news, the new pair is uncertain whether they each, and together, have the nerve and strength to try and make things work.  Light and breezy, there is something sweet in this novel about first love that keeps it from being typical and run of the mill and helps it maintain its charm without feeling heavy handed and overdone.

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