Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rise of Isis

Author: Jay Sekulow with Jordan Sekulow, Robert Ash & David French
Stars: 5
Review by: jamBob

I am giving this book a 5 not because it is a literary masterpiece but because it is very well documented. It is not a light summer read, but will open your eyes to what is really happening beyond what the sanitized American media reports. The brutality of Isis and Hamas leaves you breathless and gut wrenching. The constant use of civilians, children, homes, schools, and hospitals to stage attacks is heart breaking. I know I am using gentle terms as I do not want to sound like a political commentary, but let you know more about this book.  This is a short book (126 pages with 35 pages of footnotes) that you can read in a day but I had to take a rest put it down and finish it the next day. It exposes things that are not explained in the news. For example the United Nations permitted Hamas to use its buildings to store armaments and stage tunneling to Israel. At one point they actually returned found rockets to Hamas to launch at Israel?!? This is perplexing at best, but I do not recall hearing these things in the news. The main authors actually visited the areas in Israel under attack and one was uncomfortably close to a rocket landing.The first part of the book concentrates more on Isis itself but you will learn that a terrorist group by any other name is still terrorism! The authors do their best to describe a lot of the devastation to both humans and cultures without getting into gross detail.

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