Saturday, July 11, 2015

Never Die Alone

Author: Lisa Jackson
Stars: 3.5
Review by: farmette

I went  back to an earlier author...have been reading favorite authors back to their first books for over a year of these is Lisa Jackson...she has written several different series of characters. I have read 3 of them.. I of them is Rick Bentz and Reuben Montoya, 2 detectives in New Orleans. In Never Die Alone we  have a  new case that is populated by twins...the bad guy turns out to be a twin to one of the good guys.. a twin he did not knew existed. I did not enjoy this as much as earlier was confusing with all the twins, or it might be I have been away from the characters for a time.. the series might be coming to some sort of turning point. Rick and Reuben are now married with kids...Rick is getting pressure from his wife to retire...she is concerned with  his safety.. yet...a killer they thought they had killed has resurfaced. I can't imagine Rick retiring before that bad guy is caught.. again. This book is Lisa's 2015 book, so we shall see...

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