Saturday, July 25, 2015

Deal Breaker

Author: Harlan Coben
Stars: 5
Review by: farmette

Another trip back to a first book.. Harlan's character is Myron Bolitar, a former jock, lawyer turned sport's agent that solves crime and catches bad guys.  I have read several of the Bolitar books.. saw this one on the shelf, and grabbed is the first book of the 10 book series.. loved it... probably a male oriented book, or at least a jock oriented book.  Wonderful characterization of what it might be like for a sports star.. all state.. all American..national championship BB player that turns pro, and prior to his first season, has a freak injury that takes him out of the game, and out of his planned career...nice set of buddy characters in Winthrop, his rich Brahmin friend, also a black belt and weapons expert...both come in handy in this book..and Pocahontas, his assistant, a former pro wrestler...her past career also comes in handy.  The bad guys here are painful for Myron.. not only does he get beat up several times in chasing them.. BUT.. the real bad guy is his first top blue chip athlete, that he signed to the biggest, richest rookie pro football quarterback ever...cost Myron millions.. another BUT.. he solved the mystery of his former GF's sister that disappeared.. and her father's homicide.. he may have reunited with his former GF.. maybe a net positive...maybe.. good read..

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