Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Defiant Hero

Author: Suzanne Brockman
Stars: 4
Review by:
Back to Suzanne and Seal Team 16...the troubleshooters. This is the second book in this series where we add 5 more seal team characters and 2 more FBI to the group from the first book. So glad they did not all show up in the first book. I did, however,  have to make a list to keep them all straight. This time the main character is a woman that had a long ago unrequited love with seal John Nilsson. She was married to a cheating jerk, and captured  by K-stan terrorists, as was her daughter and her great grandmother. Her GM was a heroine from WWII while in England and ran a 20K in her late 80's...I wonder if she is single?? She fought the help from John and the seal team, for most of the book. Finally GM and her daughter escaped from their capture, and the seal team took down the terrorists. Another book of beautiful good guys and gals, a very nice love story, some sex and a wonderful ending.  I want to continue with these characters.

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