Thursday, June 25, 2015

One Doctor: Close Calls, Cold Cases, and the Mysteries of Medicine

Author: Dr. Brendan Reilly
Stars: 2
Review by: MandyApgar

This had a great deal of potential but he went about a few things wrong. Written by an old school practicing doctor (i.e. one with a wide background capable of making house calls), it is an account of some of his experiences - many told against his own increasing personal health crisis of deciding how to handle his increasingly infirm and disabled parents. He has quite a lot of heart and commitment, which is wonderful, and all too rare in many cases. Going into how he and many other doctors feel our current medical system is dumbing down physicians and burdening the system, he does so without being too political. Which is good. But the terminology he uses never veers from the professional. I've been treated for so many odd things over the years and I truly wish I had a doctor like him in the beginning instead of the turd in PA where I was born, but sometimes I just do not get what he is saying. A professional account written with professional, technical terms that aren't always explained. A true shame as when he is on his own, he is good.

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