Friday, August 9, 2013

The Shining Girls

Author: Lauren Beukes
Stars: 1
Review by:  Saraswati

This book was listed as one of the top, 2013 summer, sci-fi reads.  It was a rough one for me to read but I stuck it out.  It had the feel of The Time Traveler's Wife and Being John Malkovich, but without the empathy & love of one and the comedy of the other.  The book is about a time traveling serial killer that sees a "shining girl" in one time and has to kill her in another.  The shine he sees indicates that she will be one of his.  One of his victims survives to fight the fight against him.   The book was difficult for me to read since each chapter is about a different character and/or a different time and felt disjointed.  I didn't think the ending was worth the build up either.  Not what I expected and was disappointed.

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