Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mental Floss Giveaway

Mental Floss: The Book: Only the Greatest Lists in the History of Listory (Harper, November 2011)

The people at Harper (a division of Harper Collins) have sent a copy of the new book Mental Floss: The Book: Only the Greatest Lists in the History of Listory for us to give away. MentalFloss.com has been around for ten years, seeking out the rarest facts, known or unknown, to human kind. If you are the person all your friends go to when they need an esoteric fact, or are just a history buff, test your skills with the questions below. Comment with the answers, using your ASRC nickname, to have a chance to win the book. Deadline for comments is Saturday, December 3 at 3:00. The winner (and correct answers) will be revealed on Sunday December 4th and posted to the blog. Good luck!

Part I

Many fictional characters’ names are as familiar to us as our own family’s names, but what’s really in a name? How would the story changed if these main characters had been named (give the name the character became famously known as):

1. Pansy

2. Count Wampyr

3. Sherringford

4. Ormond Slacker

5. Connie Gustafson

Part II

Books also underwent a change of working title many times. By what names are each of these classics known as?

1. The Last Man in Europe

2. The Strike

3. Atticus

4. First Impressions

5. Timalchilo in West Egg -or- Among Ash Heaps and Millionaires

Extra Credit

These three words each describe a part of an animal’s head. Which animal is it?

Caruncle, Wattle and Snood

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