Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just Jennifer

The Burning by Jane Casey (Minotaur, September 2011)

Detective Constable Maeve Kerrigan is a very motivated member of the murder task force trying to catch a serial killer who has been stalking, and murdering, the young women in Kensington. Dubbed The Burning Man, the killer beats women to death and then sets their bodies on fire, taking a piece of their jewelry as a trophy. When Kelly Staples stabs a man she believes to be the Burning Man in an alley, a chain of events is set off that has long reaching effects on many lives. When a fourth body appears while the stabbing victim is still in surgery, it is clear that Kelly Staples, acting out of fear, stabbed the wrong man. When a fifth body shows up, everyone is convinced that the Burning Man has struck again, but as Maeve begins to look at the evidence in the newest murder against the others, she sees a shift in the pattern, a shift that makes her believe they may be dealing with a copycat. Jane Casey has already taken UK and European by storm; this fast-paced psychological thriller will win her many new fans on this side of the Atlantic.

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