Friday, August 12, 2011

Arsenic and Old Lace

Author: Joseph Kesselring
Stars: 4
Review by: Bookworm237
Destination: Brooklyn, NY

Such a wonderfully written and hysterical play. While I was in high school this was one of the plays we did, and I remember just laughing so hard and loving it. Recently I was able to watch the movie and decided to reread the play for old times sake--and I'm so glad I did. It made me laugh just like it always did. The general plot is about the Brewster family in the 1940s in Brooklyn, NY. Aunt Martha and Aunt Abby Brewster are sweet old ladies who take care of many neighbors and members of the community, but have one little quirk--they poison men and bury them in their basement. Add to that 3 nephews--1 named Teddy who thinks he's President Teddy Roosevelt (and yells "charge!" with his sword drawn every time he runs up the stairs because he is charging up San Juan Hill), another named Johnathon who is a horrible person and a maniacal murderer, and the last named Mortimer who is a play critic and stuck in the middle of all of this. Mortimer sums up the family best when he says "Insanity runs in my family. In fact, it practically gallops!" Great fun, laugh out loud funny, and a quick read--definitely worth it!

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