Friday, November 5, 2010

Just Jennifer

Word Made Flesh Literary Tattoos from Bookworms Worldwide
by Eva Talmadge & Justin Taylor

Many bookworms have favorite quotes from works of literature or favorite authors that they love to shout about, some so much that they have decided to have these selections tattooed on their body. The choices people have made are fascinating and the execution often intriguing: some have chosen to have entire passages on their body, one person is a visual tribute to Cervantes, and one project Skin : A Mortal Work of Art created by Shelley Jackson is a word per person, creating an entire work when put together, published no where else.

The photographs are clear and well-done, the captions of the people and their tattoos, some a sentence or two, others several pages, descriptive and thought-provoking in their simplicity. If these pictures, captions and short essays don’t inspire you to get your favorite quote or illustration permanently inked on your person, they will certainly inspire you seek out the source of the tattoo and discover something new or revisit an old favorite in a new light.

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