Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Lost Symbol

Author: Dan Brown
Stars: 2
Review by: Tony T.

Dan Brown's newest novel tells the latest adventure of Robert Langdon, Harvard professor and noted semiology expert, as he searches the Nation's Capitol for information needed to free his kidnapped friend and mentor Peter Solomon. The Lost Symbol follows on the heels of Angels and Demons, and the bestselling The Da Vinci Code with Langdon decrypting Freemason symbiology found on buildings around Washington, DC. 

This novel feels very formulaic and I found myself more engaged by the discussion of Freemason history and symbology than with the characters. In addition, it became apparent what a major plot twist would be halfway through the story and it was obvious that major characters could be mapped back to similar characters in The Da Vinci Code.

This is a quick read, and you do find yourself caught up in the chase, but The Lost Symbol does not break new ground and is a little disappointing.

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