Saturday, July 5, 2008

Basket Case

Author: Carl Hiaasen
Bugs: 4
Review by: Liza D.

Carl Hiaasen's books are deceptive. While he always guarantees a fun read, there is always a good moral message running through each story. Even in his children's books, which is how I got started on him. They are set in Florida and generally have an environmental theme running through. This one, however, focused on journalistic integrity. Oh, and of course, some murder, suspense and a little sex tossed in for good measure! If you are an adult, read one of his books for an enjoyable experience. If you have young kids, read one of his kid's books together.

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Anonymous said...

3 bugs

This was an "okay" book. It was the second book I had read by this author, and the other one, Skinny Dip, was much more enjoyable to me. Basket Case was a fine comedic crime novel set in Florida, though.